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SADC Secretariat Visits the New Southern Africa Trust’s Offices in Kyalami

Led by the Director of Policy, Planning and Resource Mobilisation, Mr Mubita Luwabelwa, a four member SADC secretariat delegation which was in South Africa for the SADC Resource Mobilisation Working Group meeting paid a courtesy visit to the new Southern Africa Trust offices in Kyalami, Johannesburg. Mr Luwabelwa said he finds the Trust relevant in the interpretation of SADC’s vision as demonstrated by a number projects that the two organisations are partnering in and he hopes the relationship will continue.

As part of its sustainability strategy, the Trust bought its own premises for renting and occupation which will serve as a centre for civil society organisations. The Director lauded this move by the Trust and commended it as highly visionary, inspiring and innovative for any organisation to emulate in this day and age.

He went on to say “The building looks good. It shows innovation and good use of space, putting all facilities on site to increase efficiency’’. Mr Andoniaina Andriamiandrisoa who was part of the delegation also commented that the building was strategically located in a pristine area with great views and is also easily accessible.

The Trust and SADC Secretariat signed a memorandum of understanding in April 2016, and have been working together on several initiatives that include the development of the Regional Poverty Observatory, the Regional Resource Mobilisation Framework, the SADC Non State Actors and Private Sector Engagement Mechanism, amongst others.

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