Applying for a Grant

To be eligible for a grant, applicant organisations or lead organisations in an alliance, coalition or network of other organisations must:

  • Be a civil society organisation, alliance, coalition or network rooted and governed within southern Africa;
  • Be willing to enter into a partnership agreement with the Southern Africa Trust;
  • Be engaged in programmes that have a regional impact on policies that reduce poverty in southern African.

Funding Windows

Open Calls

Through open calls the Trust issues calls for proposals using the Trust’s communication channels such as the website, as well as mass media channels.

Closed Call

The Trust determines strategic areas to pursue and then requests organisations within the region to submit proposals in line with the strategic priorities.

Unsolicited Funding

The Trust accepts uninvited proposals from organisations that believe that their programmes will add value to the mission and objectives of Trust.

Discretionary Funding

This is reserved for organisations that require quick-response support in the course of implementing their programmes.  A small grant support will be made available for this purpose at the discretion of the Executive Director.

Detailed guidelines for the application process are available in our grants policy.