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Ukhamba Giving Circle Beneficiary Profiles

Hope Rises Solar Purpose: The Women’s Electrification Program is aimed at bringing solar technologies to informal settlements in the North-West Province. Objectives: Provide lighting, communication and entertainment needs of 100 rural/informal homes in the North-West Province. Provide jobs for 10 women living in rural/informal communities. Reduce the use of candles and paraffin lamps and therefore reduce […]

Ukhamba Giving Event Aims to Empower Women and Children in Southern Africa

Press Release October 09, 2017 The Southern Africa Trust will host its fourth giving event to raise funds for organizations working towards achieving social change. Ukhamba falls under the change4ever campaign, which is one of the Trust’s key initiatives aimed at promoting social giving as one of the tools to eradicate poverty.  The campaign’s main […]

Southern Africa Trust Puts People at Centre of SADC Industrialisation Week

Press Release July 25, 2017 The Southern Africa Trust (The Trust) is supporting efforts to bring together key stakeholders in support of the second SADC Industrialisation Week ahead of the 37th SADC Summit in South Africa next month. The second SADC Industrialisation Week will be held from 31 July to 04 August 2017 at Focus […]