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Kenya Supreme Court Decision on Presidential Results and Implications for Governance and Elections in Africa

On November 10 2017, the Southern African Trust partnered with the Graça Machel Trust and Ford Foundation. A policy working group dialogue was convened on the governance and implications of the 2017 Kenyan elections. The dialogue brought together 45 participants from across the continent. These included African policymakers, political leaders, scholars, civil society activists, media practitioners and members of the international community. Participants discussed key matters relating to the Kenyan Supreme Court’s decision to annul the 8 August presidential elections, which was momentous not only for Kenya’s electoral processes and stakeholders but for Africa at large. There was a review of the unprecedented decision made by the Kenyan Supreme Court, as well as discussions on other significant contributing elements which has resulted in the current outcome and tension experienced in Kenya. The entire dialogue was anchored on 7 research papers that were produced by experts in the areas of elections and governance. These papers were correlated by topics and divided into sessions where they were critiqued by a panel of discussants and the general audience.