Initiatives - Learning For Better Poverty Reduction Results

The initiatives aim to provide civil society organisations with evidence-based data and facts that fill the existing information gap in policy development. They also provide civil society organisations with factual and credible information which could be used to engage policy makers and be the basis to advocate for policy change in favour of the poor.
  Regional Civil Society Human Security Initiative

The objective of this initiative is to expand the concept of security in southern Africa from the current narrow focus on state security to a comprehensive approach that includes socio-economic dimensions of human security. In SADC terms, a comprehensive approach to human security means integration of the Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan (RISDP) and Strategic Indicative Plan for the Organ (SIPO) with a focus on protecting and empowering SADC citizens.


  Cross Border Migration and Social Protection

This initiative aims at building knowledge on social protection system in SADC, especially with respect to portability of social benefits for cross border migrant workers and the potential role of informal social protection instruments in view of increased informalisation of economic activities and the need to extend the social security system to reach those engaged in the informal sector.


  Trade and Poverty, Including Informal Cross-Border Trade


  Natural resources, food security and livelihoods

The aim of this initiative is to identify and promote development strategies in the region that ensures that agriculture plays its full role in ensuring not only adequate food production, but also economic and social development. The initiative focuses on small community-based groups and smallholder farmers to overcome hunger and poverty by increasing the production of and access to food in both rural and urban areas.

Business for Development Pathfinder Business for Development Pathfinder

The objective of the initiative is to promote sustainable and competitive business practices that contribute to development and poverty eradication in southern Africa. It aims to encourage the adoption of an inclusive business model and to build partnership between business, government, civil society and donors in support of pro poor business development approach in SADC. The Business for Development (B4D) Pathfinder initiative is an innovative approach in finding solutions to poverty and for achieving sustainable development in the southern Africa region. B4D seeks to encourage private companies to adopt and practice the concept of “inclusive business” by incorporating low income communities in their core economic activities. The success of the project is dependent on a strong partnership between business, government and civil society in the region.


  Financial integration and poverty, including microfinance


Regional Poverty Mapping Regional Poverty Mapping

The Trust is soon to embark on a Poverty Mapping exercise. Poverty Mapping is conducted to gather data that is used to produce a graphical representation of the various aspects of poverty at the local, national and regional level. The indicators used in such an exercise are multidimensional and include consumption and income, education, health, life opportunities and the degree to which the voice of the poor is heard. It also takes into account multiple determinants including, but not limited to, geographical and agro-climatic factors, services and infrastructure. The final outcome of this exercise will be the simultaneous display of the different dimensions of poverty and its determinants in a comparative manner for each of the countries mapped. This will provide a graphical representation focusing on geographically disaggregated poverty information related to individual countries that, together, will provide a regional poverty map.

The exercise will be conducted using internationally recognized poverty mapping techniques and the resulting poverty maps will be published on the Trust website.
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