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A supporter of credible voices and a promoter of a proactive regional citizenry that demands accountability

  • Power does not concede that easily unless there is a critical mass of demand. We aim to mobilise movements for accountability. How will we do it?
  • Provide user-friendly policy evidence and providing skills that enhance credibility and effectiveness in policy engagement among civil society.
  • Mobilise resources for sustaining regional civil society from traditional and non-traditional sources such as philanthropy.
  • Support civil society, private actors and government develop proactive constituencies of the poor that effectively demand and supply accountability through; trainings, exchange programmes, support budget and policy monitoring workshops.
  • Support to public information and media campaigns What we want to achieve Outcomes
  • Accountable public institutions and non-state actors at regional and national levels that provide quality and timely public services.
  • A credible civil society with actionable and evidence-based perspectives and proposals.
  • A proactive citizen with initiative to monitor and evaluate government performance, and capable of challenging government on public service standards.
  • Gender-responsive public services and an increase in women owned, led and controlled assets and organizations.
  • Partnerships between civil society and the private sector on inclusive business, industrialization and the SDGs.