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An ecosystems and platforms builder within and among public, private and civil society sectors for a sustainable, just, equal and poverty free Southern Africa.

How will we do it?

  • The trust will pursue an ecosystems development approach to building human, institutional and social capital. This is part of building organisational and social resilience in politically challenging environments.
  • Support the creation of and interaction among platforms and networks of social, public & private policy actors.
  • Build institutional and technical capabilities of civil society groups, alliances, platforms, movements.
  • Support to policy dialogue,
  • Make grants to networks and alliances
  • Support the creation of a network of philanthropic organizations and philanthropists
  • Support and undertake policy advocacy,
  • Establish media partnerships for policy influencing

What we want to achieve Outcomes

  • Functional formal and informal mechanisms and relationships leading to engagements among various actors in regional policy processes and practice.
  • Strengthened platforms, interfaces, linkages and networks, within and among civil society, public institutions and the private sector.
  • Conducive political space for sustainable policy engagement and policy monitoring for private and civil society actors
  • Effective platforms such the SADC Regional Poverty Observatory (RPO) a multi-stakeholder consultative forum – mandated by SADC leaders, the NSA Engagement Mechanism, SADC National Committees responsible for domestication of protocols by member states, a regional business platform that shall respond to SADC strategies and the Midrand Facility of pan-African parliamentarians and civil society