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Institutional Efficiency

How will we do it?

Through optimising configurations of ICT solutions and competitive contracting. By diversifying, and developing alternative revenue streams.

What we want to achieve

  • Streamlined systems and integrated processes that deliver value for money.
  • A learning organization that is accountable for resources and results. In 2016 – 2021 there will be an organisational redesign that is anchored on the Trust’s objectives rather than programme areas. This is intended to create a cross –functional and more effective team. This will give
    greater role clarity to minimise task duplication and work processes will be re – engineered to align with the new structure. An increased virtual platform or remote way of working will be introduced gradually in the implementation of the strategy as part of our Value for Money proposition. Further we will make use of technological advances to address questions of systems automation, knowledge management, platforms for visibility and ecosystems for collaboration and networking, among others.