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“What we want to be “Building institutional and mission sustainability”.

How will we do it?

The Trust will aim to diversify, and develop alternative and growing revenue streams.

What we want to achieve

  • Diversified and sustainable income sources that meet the Mission of the Trust.
  • Grant partners have adequate and sustainable financial resources. A new approach for institutional sustainability will comprise diversified income generating streams including property investment, Grants Facility mechanism for re-granting, database services and leveraging inclusive business development tools. To continue sustaining our work in the field, the Trust will target alternative potential donors through its philanthropy approach as well as build endowments.


The Change4ever campaign is a public participation fundraising programme that seeks to address poverty and its symptoms within communities. Through various campaigns, the public is invited to support various groups that are working in communities to overcome the causes of poverty.

Fiscal Sponsorship

Through a fiscal sponsorship arrangement with KBF-US, the Trust can receive donations and gifts from the US. A scoping study on American Donor Landscape and Prospectus was developed to allow the Trust and its partners to fundraise directly from the US. This mode of fundraising will form part of the Trust’s offering to aid its partners to be sustainable.


Business Development and Sustainability Strategy (BDSS)

BDSS enables the Trust to implement its corporate strategy. It informs a deliberate repositioning for the Trust to increase its longevity by transforming the Trust’s pivot from a historical conduit of funding and intermediary role to a formal provider of services and a facilitator of development in southern Africa.