Vision & Mission

  • Vision

    The Southern Africa Trust’s vision is to have a well-integrated southern Africa with policies and strategies that end poverty and make regional integration work for the poor.

  • Mission

    The mission of the Southern Africa Trust is to support processes to deepen and widen engagement in policy dialogue with a regional impact, so that the poor have an effective voice in shaping policies that overcome poverty.

The Context

Poverty in Southern Africa is characterised by chronic livelihoods insecurity, at once exacerbated by and exacerbating an HIV/AIDS pandemic, and extreme inequality. The resulting erosion of the livelihoods of the poor makes them extremely vulnerable to shocks from a variety of sources such as climate change, natural disasters, economic meltdowns, conflict, among others. Rural women are typically at the bottom of the poverty trap and urban youth facing massive joblessness are an extremely vulnerable group. Inadequate fiscal resources to meet urgent development objectives and the region’s marginalised position in the global political economy further compound the grip of the poverty trap for southern Africa’s poor.

The Southern Africa Trust believes that an end to poverty is possible in Southern Africa if there is improved institutional capacity, participatory and accountable systems of governance, appropriate public policies across the region to overcome chronic livelihoods insecurity in the context of an HIV/AIDS pandemic, and better international financial and trading systems.