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A Foot in the Door

Southern Africa Trust - Africa Regional Empowerment and Accountability Programme Case study 3

A foot in the door: is a case study produced by the Learning Hub that supports DFID’s Africa Regional Empowerment and Accountability Programme. In this case study the Southern African Development The Southern Africa Trust and the State of the Union Coalition (SOTU) led by Oxfam present evidence of what approaches work in securing citizen voice on rights, and social and economic policies at continental, regional and national levels and why this work matters. It also highlights the role of Afrobarometer in providing national CSOs in 35 countries with high quality country-specific evidence on citizen perspectives to support their poverty analysis and national advocacy efforts on poverty related issues. The case study provides insights into the credibility that the AREAP partners bring to CSOs through association, organisation and improved standards of citizen action and governance. The Learning Hub is led by Triple Line Consulting

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