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Greater than the sum of its parts

Southern Africa Trust - Africa Regional Empowerment and Accountability Programme Case study 6

‘Greater Than the Sum of the Parts’ explores approaches taken by the AREAP Partners to strengthening the capacity of civil society to advocate for pro-poor and gender-sensitive policy across Africa at continental, regional and national levels. It provides examples with insight into results and learning. The case study highlights the importance of AREAP’s capacity strengthening work that is internal, i.e. building skills and knowledge to improve organisational effectiveness as well as facilitating access to learning that is external to organisations, i.e. through building new relationships and creating organisational linkages. The case study was developed by the partners under the banner of the AREAP Learning Hub which has met on a quarterly basis during 2015. Key tools that AREAP Partners felt could improve their capacity strengthening offering include: greater use of web-based approaches including webinars and survey instruments such as Survey Monkey which can be used to both investigate capacity needs but also as a follow-up tool.

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