About Us

The over-arching aim of the Southern Africa Trust is to strengthen the voices and agency of the poor to reach the necessary audiences, affording them the opportunity as unrepresented stakeholders to impact the development of regional public policies.

Established in 2005 to respond to high levels of poverty and inequality, the Southern Africa Trust has navigated the ever-changing and challenging socio-economic and political environments globally and regionally. We have remained steadfast in our grant-making and policy dialogue brokering functions, anchoring benefits of regional integration for the poor and marginalised.

With our primary mission to widen and deepen regional integration so that policies can work for the poor, we bring together the public, private and civil society sectors through a theory of change that combines evidence-based advocacy, dialogue and capability enhancement of key stakeholders in the whole value chain of the policy process. This begins from conception, to formulation and continues right through to adoption.

It is out of this triangle of success that real hopes of eradicating poverty are made possible. Having proven the impact and effectiveness of our work over the past decade and a half, we continue with our original mandate of collaboration, but have extended it to include facilitation and enablement, through regional programme level influence.

The strategic objectives of our organisation focus on six key areas:


Our research, facilitation and enablement efforts contain a wealth of strategic information, that we want to share with the policy community. Our Knowledge Hub is a portal of the regional development policy and the results we have achieved, available to the people and organisations that work with those in need.


We engage with poor and marginalised people and connect them with the policymakeWe are an active supporter of regional citizenry, giving a voice to those who need to be heard, accountable for our actions.rs that can bring about positive change.


Building platforms within public, private and civil society sectors, actively engaging with grassroots representation.


We believe in investing in people – to create a value and results-driven learning culture.

Institutional Efficiency

Using our influence to bring about efficiency and effectiveness


Building institutional and mission sustainability, within and beyond the SADC region.

The Way Forward

Operating in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region, consisting of 16 countries, we see our organisation positioned in six distinct roles, as a:

  1. Evidence-based Policy Advocacy and Capacity Builder
  2. Creator of alliances, networks and coalitions in policy influence
  3. Promoter of African philanthropy initiatives
  4. Provider of the Knowledge Hub
  5. Broker of systemic change
  6. Specialist investment service provider

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