Impact Stories

How the Trust makes an impact

The Southern Africa Trust is committed to making a real difference in amplifying the voices of the poor and facilitating regional poverty alleviation. We do this, by:

  • Facilitating philanthropic and goodwill initiatives that support the civil society sector.
  • Building alliances, networks and coalitions in policy influence, enabling public-private-civil society collaborations.
  • Providing evidence-based advocacy and capability building for organisations to reduce poverty and inequality in their sectors.
  • Working with non-government and inter-government organisations to influence the drafting and implementation of policies.
  • Continuing to build a rich hub of knowledge to serve the development of policies.
  • Bringing about both systemic and authentic change through innovation and issuing of grants to regional organisations across all sizes, sectors and organisations.

Our Success Stories

Swaziland hosts dialogue on Migration

Representatives from civil society, government and the private sector met in Mbabane, Swaziland, in August to discuss

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Upholding democracy, human rights and conservation

For decades Botswana has maintained an enviable international reputation as an ‘African miracle’ due in large part to its robust democracy

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African Caribbean Pacific States and Private Sector Dialogue on Development Finance and Knowledge Sharing

On May 14 -16, 2019, the African Caribbean Pacific (ACP) Group of States convened a knowledge sharing and networking event in Mauritius

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Sharing tourism revenues

Communities that live closest to wildlife conservancies across Africa want their contribution to the continent’s booming wildlife-based tour

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