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Southern Africa is home to the continent’s second biggest economy, yet the majority of its 300 million citizens continue to live in poverty, in conditions that makes it one of the most unequal societies globally. Our work entails contributing to the reversal of these trends through supporting regional and national level efforts to end poverty, reduce inequality, and unemployment through support to civil society, the private sector and governments. In this regard the Trust has three external strategic objectives that will be employed.

Thematic Areas

Southern Africa Trust - Poverty & Inequality
Poverty, Inequality and Unemployment


The Trust’s work is to identify key drivers of regional integration in southern Africa and their implications for development and poverty eradication.

Southern Africa Trust - African Philanthropy
African Philanthropy


The Trust promotes philanthropy as a sustainable resource mobilisation mechanism that can meet and respond to the needs of vulnerable groups in Africa.

Southern Africa Trust - our work
Human Development


The Trust works with poor and marginalised people for their voices to be heard by policymakers so that interventions made can benefit them.

Southern Africa Trust - Our Work
Civil Society Capability


The Trust builds the capacity for civic organisations so they can effectively engage in regional policy processes so as to advance the regional integration agenda.

Southern Africa Trust - our work
Trade & Industrialisation


The Trust’s work promotes the involvement of the private sector and informal cross-border traders in the regional processes of trade, industrialisation and development.

Southern Africa Trust - our work
Migration & Social Protection


The Trust supports policy development around migration to address its challenges and to facilitate policy dialogue on its socio-economic impact.