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Enabling the Public Sphere: Civil Society Regulation in Africa (Vol. 1)

This book emerged in response to the need to fully comprehend the public sphere in Africa and the regulatory environment under which civil society operates. It investigates relations that have developed between states and their citizens as well as interrogates the role that civil society formations have played in the democratisation and governance of Africa’s public sphere.

“This book-covering eighteen country profiles gives an insight into how as people we have related with our states and ourselvesand how we continue to move away from each other. How do we come together to build the Africa we want? This is the question we at the Mandela Institute for Development Studies have dedicated to unraveling. Because this book is critical of the way the public space is governed it is likely to cause discomforts but it is essential for it forces us to look at ourselves and question our genuineness to democratisation and development. It is a book to be read by everyone-government officials, policy makers, political leaders, business leaders, civil society activists and all citizens of Africa”.
Graça Machel, President-Foundation for Community Development and Co-founder-Mandela Institute for Development Studies.

“This is a groundbreaking collection of chapters about what is above and below Africa’s current development path. More than looking at what must be done to propel Africa along a rapid path to pro-poor development and how it should be done, it addresses questions about why that journey sometimes works and at other times does not – from the perspective of African civil society formations. Here, African civic formations make their own assessment of the environment in which they work with governments and each other. Crucial reading for anyone interested in building better working relationships amongst key role players for Africa’s development.”
Neville Gabriel, Executive Director of the Southern Africa Trust, Johannesburg, South Africa

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