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Research Reports: Partnerships for Pro-Poor Policy Change in Africa

Researchers research. Activists advocate. Media report. But what happens when they collaborate to push for policy change?
Between 2011 and 2015, the Southern Africa Trust supported innovative collaborations between research institutions, advocacy organisations and media outlets towards influencing the development and implementation of public policy in Africa. Led by the Trust’s partner organisations in six countries (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Malawi and Ghana), the initiative interrogated whether and how such a “model” of partnership could enhance the effectiveness of policy advocacy across the continent. In a newly released report, Partnerships for Pro-Poor Policy Change in Africa, the Trust explores the experiences of its partners in coordinating these collaborative campaigns. Through reflecting on both what worked, and what didn’t, the findings offer advice on what should be considered when building partnerships, specifically between research, advocacy and the media.  Also referenced are supplementary partnerships developed through the initiative, such as with groups of those directly affected (policy beneficiaries), policy makers and the private sector.
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