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December 15, 2020

As we conclude 2020, I'd like to start of a note of gratitude. In a year filled with uncertainty around us, we at the Southern Africa Trust were certain of one thing; that we had your unwavering support throughout the year. We were able to continue to deliver on our mandate even amidst challenges and changes that shook the foundations of many NGOs across the world. We are here today because of your generosity, patience and kindness, to which I and the staff of the Trust are eternally grateful.

We are taking the opportunity to rest and bring our best selves in 2021 where the Southern Africa Trust will undertake the process of developing a new organisational strategy. This strategy will be contextual to the landscape of civil society and inclusive of all who play a critical role in fulfilling our mandate. One of the key drivers in developing the new strategy is taking the many lessons that this year has taught us through engaging with and supporting our partners. This is an appropriate time for us all to reflect and bring renewed vigor to the season which is coming.

My wish for your our partner, donor and friend; is for a peace and good-health filled festive season with your loved ones. May we meet again in 2021 and continue the fight to end poverty in southern Africa.

Yours truly,


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